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News and Activities
Krungsri Head of Distribution Mr. Phonganant Thanattrai (third from left) to welcome valued customers to the Krungsri Business Dinner Talk. The act...
21 October 2014 + Read more
Foreign Exchange Rates
Currency Buy Sell
Deposit Interest Rates
Saving Int./yr. 0.40%
Current account Int./yr. 0.00%
3 mos. Int./yr. 1.10%
6 mos. Int./yr. 1.35%
12 mos. Int./yr. 1.45%
24 mos. Int/yr. 1.90%
Interest Rates for Loans
MLR Int./yr. 7.250%
MOR Int./yr. 7.775%
MRR Int./yr. 8.20%

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