Krungsri ATM

General information
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A diversified service that facilitates your life 24/7, thanks to more than 4,500 ATMs available nationwide. Withdraw cash, transfer money, pay for goods and services, check your remaining balance and use other services anywhere with KRUNGSRI VISA Electron or KRUNGSRI VISA Debit Card.


Available to holders of foreign banks and financial services with the following.





Key Features


Withdraw up to 30,000 THB /transaction. Maximum daily withdrawal varies with the card category.



Bill Payment

Pay for goods and services for participating companies/entities such as credit card fees, utilities expenses, leasing, cellular phone, insurance and registration fees as well as other expenses. Pay it yourself or have someone do it on your behalf by debiting the due amount from your savings or current account, up to 200,000 THB /day. You will be provided with a slip to be used as reference. More Information, Click Here




Pre-paid cellular phone credit through Krungsri ATM

Purchase pre-paid credit for cellular phones through KRUNGSRI ATM, available for




Auto Payment Debit
Auto Payment Service allows customers to pay your bills (such as utilities, mobile phone, credit card and etc.) and other monthly obligations by debiting from your bank account automatically. Simply you have BAY bank account either savings or current account, More Information, Click Here



Fund Transfer


  • Transfer money into accounts within card accounts up to 1,000,000 THB /day
  • Money transfer to accounts within BAY

             - Maximum of 100,000 THB /day for KRUNGSRI ATM card holders

             - Maximum of 200,000 THB /day for KRUNGSRI VISA Electron card or KRUNGSRI Debit card holders

  • Money transfer to accounts outside BAY available for 17 banks, up to 50,000 THB /transfer and up to 100,000 THB /day (Service 24 Hours)




KSAM Mutual Funds Purchase-Sale
Instantly buy or sell KSAM Mutual Funds through KRUNGSRI ATMs - just link your KRUNGSRI ATM KRUNGSRI VISA Electron or KRUNGSRI Debit Card to the KSAM Mutual Funds account.


Change PIN Service
Change your ATM PIN code anytime you feel like it. For enhanced security, change your PIN regularly.



Change your KRUNGSRI VISA Electron or KRUNGSRI Debit Card Credit Limit
KRUNGSRI VISA Electron or KRUNGSRI Debit Card holders can set their credit limit from BAY ATMs. Available limits are 0 / 20,000 / 30,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 THB. You can also purchase goods at shops bearing the sign VISA according to your credit limit (up to 100,000 THB).




10 Precautions to Take When Using an ATM

  1. Change your PIN code upon receiving your KRUNGSRI ATM/VISA Electron or Debit card at the ATM. Please change your core regularly.
  2. Do not keep the PIN code with the ATM card. Sharing the ATM code with others is not recommended.
  3. Shield the keypad with your hand while entering your PIN code to prevent unwanted observation.
  4. Use caution when a stranger offers assistance using the ATM.
  5. Sign your VISA Electron or Debit card (on the back) immediately upon receiving it.
  6. Determine an appropriate spending limit for your VISA Electron or Debit card. Credit limits are modifiable through BAY ATMs and Call Center 1572.
  7. Always keep the transaction record slip for reference, whether through ATMs or VISA Electron or Debit cards in order to verify your account activity.
  8. Always bear in mind that ATM / VISA Electron or Debit cards are as valuable as cash, so keep them well and in a safe place.
  9. Get familiar with the Conditions and Regulations of Service set by the issuer of ATM / VISA Electron or Debit cards .
  10. In case of confiscation or loss, immediately contact the bank at KRUNGSRI Call Center available 24/7.

For more information, please contact

Bank of Ayudhya PLC (all branches) 
KRUNGSRI Call Center 1572


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