PromptPay Fund Transfer Service

Krungsri PromptPay is a simple and fast way to transfer funds to Citizen ID, mobile number or Tax ID of payees who has registered for PromptPay.

Transferring Funds via Krungsri PromptPay

Payees can transfer funds via PromptPay through the following 4 channels without having the need to register for PromptPay, and remember the account number or the payee’s bank name.
  • Krungsri ATM
  • Krungsri Online
  • KMA
  • Krungsri Biz Online

Steps in transferring funds via Krungsri PromptPay

  • Select the channel for fund transfer
  • Select transfer menu and then select PromptPay transfer
  • Enter the payee’s PromptPay Number (Citizen ID/ mobile number/ Tax ID)
  • Check the payee’s name before confirming the fund transfer every single time. In transferring funds, when the payee’s PromptPay number is entered, the name of the designated account holder will appear on the display monitor so that the payer can confirm the details before making the transaction.
* For Krungsri ATM, Only use Krungsri Debits Card at Krungsri ATM only

Advantages of Fund Transfer via PromptPay

  • Convenient and simple. Only use Citizen ID, mobile number or Tax ID of the payee
  • Easy and no need to remember the account number
  • Safety and reduce risk in carrying cash

The maximum limits of each channel

Channel Maximum Transfer Limit (Baht/Transaction)
Per Day Per Transaction
Krungsri ATM 100,000 100,000
Krungsri Online/ KMA 500,000* 500,000
Krungsri Biz Online 2,000,000 300,000
* Senders can extend the limit up to THB 2,000,000 per day in KMA. Limit as mentioned is the total transfer amount via Krungsri Online and KMA.

Transaction Fees

Transfer Channel Transfer Amount
Krungsri Online, KMA and Krungsri Biz Online Free! For all transactions
Krungsri ATM • Not exceeding 5,000 Baht
• Above 5,000 – 30,000 Baht
• Above 30,000 – 100,000 Baht
Free! For all transactions
2 Baht/Transaction
5 Baht/Transaction

Receiving Funds via Krungsri PromptPay

Recipients (payees) must first register to link their account to mobile number, Citizen ID or Tax ID
Krungsri PromptPay Link for the ease of use
For further details, please call Krungsri Call Center 1572.
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