Krungsri PromptPay Service Registration

1. How can I register to link the account with Krungsri PromptPay?

Individuals can register and link their savings or current account with mobile phone number or citizen ID number via the following channels: Krungsri ATM, Krungsri Online, KMA and Krungsri Biz Online, Krungsri branches. The bank may require different documents for different channels of registration as follows:

Krungsri ATM:
1. ATM card and the PIN number
2. Citizen ID number or Mobile phone number to link with the account

Krungsri Online/ KMA/ Krungsri Biz Online
1. Username and Password
2. Citizen ID number and/or Mobile phone number to link with the account

Krungsri Branches
1. Citizen ID card
2. Citizen ID number or Mobile phone number to link with the account
  • In the case that you are not the owner of the mobile phone, please bring along monthly invoice that indicates the name of the registered owner of the mobile phone number, for which the Invoice needs to be of the latest month or at most 2 months in retrospect. The registered owner has to be related to you in one way or another, for example father, mother, spouse, or children. On top of that, the registered mobile number owner needs to present the citizen ID card at the branch in person along with documents that indicate the relationship with the account owner, i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate, house registration certificate or certificate of name change, accordingly.

2. How can customers register for Krungsri PromptPay?

Customers can register via the following channels.
  1. Krungsri ATM
  2. Krungsri Online
  3. KMA
  4. Krungsri Biz Online
  5. Any Krungsri branch

3. Do I need to register for Krungsri PromptPay soon? Is it possible not to register?

The decision is up to you and based on your need. However, as the government’s policy is to pay welfare payments and tax returns to individuals via PromptPay using their citizen ID numbers instead of their account numbers. Registering for PromptPay service will enable you to conveniently receive such funds.

4. Is there any fee for Krungsri PromptPay registration?

There is no fee for Krungsri PromptPay registration.

5. How many accounts can be linked to citizen ID number or mobile phone number?

  • One citizen ID number can be linked with only one account.
  • One mobile phone number can be linked with only one account.
  • One bank deposit account can be linked with both citizen ID number and mobile phone number.
  • One bank deposit account can be linked with as many as 3 mobile phone numbers.

6. Which type of account can register for Krungsri PromptPay service?

Savings account and current account of an individual who is of Thai nationality. Individuals who are sole accountholders who also open a bank account under the name of “……Shop/Store” or “…………….. Shop/Store by, as well individuals who are not of Thai nationality having Thai currency deposit account. Non-Thai individuals can only link their account with mobile phone number.

With the exception of the following:
  1. Joint account (and/or)
  2. “For / By” account. For example a minor’s account by the parents or parent’s account for the minor, or employer’s account for the employee or the employee’s account for the employer.

7. Can I change the information of my account number or mobile phone number after registration for Krungsri PromptPay? Will there be any fees incurred?

Yes. You can change or cancel the account or mobile phone number previously registered with Krungsri PromptPay at any Krungsri branches nationwide and is free of charge.

8. If my registered account for Krungsri PromptPay is closed or cancelled, what do I do?

If the account is closed or cancelled, this will lead to Krungsri PromptPay service being automatically cancelled. In order to use the service again, you need to re-apply for Krungsri PromptPay again.

9. If I have previously registered for PromptPay at other banks, what do I do in order to register for Krungsri PromptPay?

You need to contact the bank to cancel your current PromptPay account before registering for Krungsri PromptPay.

10. Is Krungsri PromptPay secure?

Krungsri PromptPay service is highly secure in accordance with international standards, and it is under close supervision of the Bank of Thailand, in the same manner as other existing fund transfer systems.

11. After I have registered for Krungsri PromptPay, if I change the mobile phone network provider while keeping the same phone number, what do I need to do? Or if I change my mobile phone, what do I need to do?

You do not need to take any extra process with Krungsri because it will not affect the registration of Krungsri PromptPay service or any funds transfer via Krungsri PromptPay.

12. If I stopped using /cancelled the mobile phone number that is registered and linked to an account already, or if I changed to a new mobile phone number, what do I need to do?

Please notify the Bank to cancel the link to the account within the system immediately while registering the new mobile phone number with your savings account again at the same time.

13. Can I use a mobile phone number with a prepaid plan?

Yes, you can register as long as the mobile phone number is registered under your name.

14. How do I know if my mobile phone number has been registered with my mobile phone network provider using my ID card number?

You can check on your own by pressing *179*13-digit ID card number# no space and dial. The system will answer if your mobile phone number has been registered using the citizen ID card number you have entered. If they do not match, you must change the registration details at a service center of your mobile phone network provider before registering for PromptPay.

15. Can an internationally-registered mobile phone number apply for the service?


16. Can I use home phone number for registration?

No. Home phone number cannot be registered because the Bank is unable to validate the number by sending OTP (One Time Password) via SMS using a home phone.

17. Can the account without the debit/ATM card register for Krungsri PromptPay service?

Yes, the account without debit/ATM card can register for Krungsri PromptPay service.

18. If the user has not switched to debit/ATM card with chip card, can he/she apply for Krungsri PromptPay service?

Yes, the user can.

19. If I previously used my mobile phone number for use with KMA or any Mobile Banking services of any other banks, do I have to register for Krungsri PromptPay service as well?

Yes, you have to register for Krungsri PromptPay in order to use the service. This is because Mobile App and Mobile Banking service are not the same service as the registration service to link a mobile phone number within the PromptPay service.

20. Can I re-apply for Krungsri PromptPay after I cancelled it?

Yes, you can.

21. What should the elderly or those who do not have mobile phones do?

PromptPay service can be registered by linking the savings account with either a citizen ID number and/or mobile phone number. So in case that the users do not have a mobile phone number, they can link their savings account with citizen ID number only.

22. If I register for Krungsri PromptPay, will government agencies automatically deduct funds from my account?

No. PromptPay service is for receiving funds only. To withdraw funds, one must follow the regular funds withdrawal procedure.

23. To receive funds from government agencies, do I need to link PromptPay service to a government bank?

No, this is not necessary. Funds from the government sector can be transferred to a PromptPay account linked with the citizen ID number for any bank. Tax refund, social security funds, pensions, etc. will be transferred to a PromptPay account linked with the citizen ID number.

24. Can I assign other person or representative to apply for the service on my behalf?

No, you have to register for the service yourself.

25. Is there a minimum age limit for Krungsri PromptPay applicants?

There is no minimum age limit. Anyone with an account under his/her name who meets all the bank’s conditions can apply for Krungsri PromptPay.

26. With Krungsri PromptPay service up and running, can I still use traditional fund transfer services of the Bank?

Yes, you can.

27. If a customer cannot remember whether he/she has registered or not, what should the customer do?

The customer can check the registration status on his/her own via Krungsri ATM, Krungsri Online and KMA, or make an inquiry at Krungsri Call Center 1572

28. How can customers de-register for Krungsri Promptpay?

Customers can de-register via any Krungsri branch.
Krungsri PromptPay Link for the ease of use
For further details, please call Krungsri Call Center 1572.
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