Reward of the Month
Easy to get Right
Completed 4 types of transaction “Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer and Payment”
within calendar month through following channels
Krungsri Online (KOL)Krungsri Online (KOL)
Krungsri Mobile App (KMA)Krungsri Mobile App (KMA)
  • Get 1 right per month per person
  • Accumulate all transactions from all accounts and all cards as one
*The transactions will be calculated for the period between 1 Jan-25 Dec 2019. and redemption period between 3 Jan-31 Dec 2019.
**The right to redeem the reward will be expired on 31 Dec 2019 at 11.59 pm
Check your right and Redeem rewards through
KMA - Krungsri Mobile App
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Krungsri GIFT Terms and Conditions 
1. Eligible Conditions • Applicable for an individual customer who has deposit account, savings account, current account, or time deposits account with Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (“Bank”) and the customer is also required to make the transaction through its deposit accounts between January 1st to December 25th, 2019. • In the case that the customer has more than one account or holds more than one Krungsri Debit card, the Bank will accumulate all transactions from all accounts as one. • The customer will receive Krungsri GIFT 1 right/month/person to redeem the gift from our campaign once the customer has completed 4 types of participation transaction as follows: “money deposits” (cash deposits, cheque deposits, receive money transfer,) “money withdrawals,” “money transfers,” and “payments” (payments such as bill payment, mobile top-up via Krungsri ATM and Krungsri Online (KOL), debit card spending and auto pay debit) through their deposit account within calendar month. Transactions occurring in other months will not be calculated. Only the transactions made in December will be calculated for the period between 1st - 25th December 2019. • The following transactions are not included in the campaign ; transaction within the customer’s own account , international fund transfers, any transactions via their deposit account or debit card made in abroad, any transaction in joint accounts type, automatic generated transactions (such as receiving interest, tax deduction, fee deduction, and all types of fee, etc.), withdrawals made to close account, payments of product and service to the bank/affiliated companies (such as buying mutual funds and insurance payment etc.,) and any transactions made through Krungsri Biz Online (KBOL) and Krungsri e-wallet. • The Bank will notify customer of the eligible Krungsri GIFT right via KMA (Krungsri Mobile Application) (for KMA registered customer only) within 2 working days from the date of completion 4 types of participation transaction. • The customer can check the eligible Krungsri GIFT right either through KMA or Krungsri Call Center 1572. • The period of eligible transactions is from January 1st to December 25th, 2019. • The Bank reserves its right to amend, change or cancel the terms and conditions or the participating transactions at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice.
2. Terms and conditions for redeem the gift • The validity period for redeem the gift is from January 3rd to December 31st, 2019. In the case that the customer has not redeemed the gift during the validity period, it shall be considered as a waiver the right to receive the gift and will not accumulate to next year’s. • The right to receive the gift will be expired on 31st December 2019 at 11:59 p.m. • The customer can redeem Krungsri Gift through KMA (Krungsri Mobile Application) or through USSD gateway by presenting the code received via mobile phone to the participating store within specific time. • Exclusively for Krungsri’s customers whose the deposit account is still active on the date of redeeming the gift. • The Bank reserves its right to specify each kind of gift/type/store from time to time within certain period. • Once redeemed, the customer is not allowed to cancel, exchange, or reinstate its choice. • Krungsri Gift cannot be exchanged into cash or transferrable to other persons. • The Bank reserves its right to change the terms and conditions of this campaign, recalculate the right to redeem the gift and the kind of gift in the campaign without prior notice. • In the case of any dispute, the Bank’s decision shall be final.