Welcome to Krungsri BFF
Welcome to Krungsri BFF
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Terms and Conditions
  • 1. “Krungsri BFF” service is the personal banking service provided on the internet via the website of Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited in order to offer convenience to service users in respect of access to updates and details of products and services of the Bank and affiliated companies (“affiliates”) as well as other financial news. In addition, users can save any news and information within their interest, and utilize the “Plan Your Money” calculation, and other future services offered by the Bank.
  • 2. To apply for “Krungsri BFF” service via the website, users are required to fill in personal information and set up their USER ID and password or alternatively users may apply with their Social Network like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn etc. Any transactions made via the “Krungsri BFF” service under the USER ID and password or under social account of users, whether they are made by users or other persons, are agreed by users as completed transactions for which users consent to be held responsibility as if they were transacted by users. Also, users agree that the Bank will not be held responsible for any damages occurred or may occur to users or third parties as a result of “Krungsri BFF” service utilization on any grounds.
  • 3. In a case where users apply for “Krungsri BFF” service with their Social Networks, the Bank may receive users’ personal information only are allowed permission subject to the privacy policy of each Social Network. The Bank is not allowed to edit any users’ personal information.
  • 4. In a case where users enter incorrect passwords exceeding the maximum limits allowed by the Bank, user’s account will be blocked and users are required to contact the Bank and/or follow the steps determined by the Bank.
  • 5. Users are not to save, disclose, dissimilate, distribute, forward, or collect any information in a manner that is deemed violation of the laws. The Bank reserves the right to freeze, terminate, or limit the access to information or any services on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • 6. In a case where the computer or communications system is down whereby users are unable to access “Krungsri BFF” service, users agree not to hold the Bank responsible for such events on any grounds.
  • 7. Users are aware that the Bank presents information, updates, details, and content via the website solely for the purpose of providing news and information to users. Such offers are not made with any aims to provide recommendations on financial, investment, tax, or other aspects in specific. Therefore, the Bank recommends against any actions taken by users based on the said news, information, or details without advices of experts.
  • 8. The website which provides “Krungsri BFF” service may contain links to other websites, which are not hosted by the Bank. Users consent not to hold the Bank responsible for any damages which may incur as a result of access to the abovementioned websites where their links appear on the website where “Krungsri BFF” service is provided.
  • 9. Users can terminate “Krungsri BFF” service access by following the procedures and methods determined by the Bank.
  • 10. The Bank reserves the right to revise, change, or terminate any products and services offered via the website as well as make changes or amendments of terms and conditions; or terminate “Krungsri BFF” service at any time without subjecting to provide any clarifications to users.
  • 11. Users consent that the Bank takes the information filled in by users via the Bank’s website or the information received from the Social Network or any other websites whether for the purpose of applying “Krungsri BFF” service or including any other purposes and users consent the Bank to takes the information as basis for the Bank to offer any products and services as the Bank sees fit and; make inquiries and/or disclose details and information provided by users to any persons and/or juristic persons allowed by the laws and regulations governing financial institutions.