MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group), as one of the world’s largest financial groups, has a global network of over 2,300 offices in more than 50 countries around the world. By combining Krungsri’s domestic expertise and local insights with MUFG’s robust global network, Krungsri is able to cater to all aspects of our customer’s needs. In addition to a full range of products and services, Krungsri is able to bring innovative financial technology to local businesses, provide access to world-class financial know-how, and open doors for companies that want to extend their reach to regional or global markets.

With a substantial list of partners and MUFG’s vast global network,
Krungsri can provide business support that is differentiated and diversified
Learn from the innovators

Because true leaders never stop learning, Krungsri organizes Business Education Trips annually for customers who attend KSLA (Krungsri’s Leadership Academy). Last year, our customers, a majority of whom were 1st and 2nd generation business owners, were taken to Japan to experience business innovations first-hand and learn from global companies that MUFG has cordial relationships with. With last year’s theme being ‘Digital and Innovation with Smart City’ our customers were able to learn from, and exchange ideas with, 8 leading technology companies in Japan. From visiting FUJISAWA Smart Town, a prototype for a Japanese city of the next 100 years, to Yasakawa Electronics Manufacturing, the world’s largest robotics factory, this is an educational experience difficult to find anywhere else.

Build success towards world-class standards

Choosing the right partner paves your road to greater success. Krungsri-MUFG provides Business Matching service that is designed to open doors to new opportunities for our customers. In the past year, over 400 large companies from around the world, both within and outside of MUFG’s network, has shown interest in joining our business matching service. Many productive partnerships have resulted from this service, clearly demonstrating that Krungsri can help you take that step towards expansion and future success.

Becoming Thailand's financial innovation leader
Every second matters when an opportunity presents itself. Krungsri Blockchain Interledger revolutionizes international money transferring to be completed within seconds. Developed to meet the demands of a fast-growing sector, Krungsri Blockchain Interledger is more accurate, reduces risk and eliminates the impact of currency volatility. Krungsri is the first bank in Thailand to offer real-time international funds transfer based on Blockchain Interledger for business.
Gain insight into the critical thinking of experts

Expert advice is invaluable when striving for success. Because of our partnership with MUFG, KRUNGSRI EXCLUSIVE* financial advisory services is able to offer our customers the opportunity to attend financial seminars with world-class keynote speakers. This bi-annual event invites experts from Thailand and around the world to offer their insight and analysis from a global, regional and national perspective, which our customers can then leverage into greater success. During the previous seminar, we were able to proudly present a talk by a high-ranking Morgan Stanley representative.

*Service available to customers with deposits and/or investments of THB 5 million or more
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