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For businesses to compete on the international level, the support and broad expertise of a stable and global financial institution are imperative. A far-reaching global network offers the chance to capitalize on innumerable opportunities smoothly and swiftly without letting any slip away.

Synergy of Krungsri - MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group), a financial institution with extensive global network
Businesses seeking to venture into the global landscape can now leverage on the local expertise of the Bank of Ayudhya PCL and the solid global capabilities and network strength of MUFG - the world’s 5th largest financial institution with assets valued at over USD 2.6 trillion ranked by Bloomberg, with over 2,000 offices in more than 50 countries around the world. We don’t just open up all avenues on the road to globalizing business, but also offer expert total financial solutions and ancillary services that will enhance your business capabilities.
  • Total financial solutions
    Providing a whole host of financial solutions and services for both domestic and international markets in categories such as financial consultancy, capital funding and investment banking, including capital market solutions, we, Krungsri, have strong determination in assisting businesses every step of the way.
  • Business optimization services
    Paving the way for business customers with business matching activities both domestic and international, overseas business consultancy, in-depth knowledge sessions, as well as overseas site visits, Krungsri and MUFG offer a solid launching pad for businesses to successfully take off into the global arean.

There has been a significant increase in recent years of Thai companies gaining a firm foothold in many parts of the world. And Krungsri is proud to play an integral role in driving a number of Thai business entities toward a solid global presence and sustainable growth through our in-depth local expertise and strong global capabilities of MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) - Japan’s biggest and among top 5 largest financial groups in the world*. The ultimate synergy of Krungsri and MUFG provides extensive financial network strength and innumerable business opportunities in the global arena.

Synergy for advancing customer success with Total financial solutions
Krungsri - MUFG stand ready to offer total financial solutions designed to better respond to demands of customers in different industries. This, in turn, facilitates rapid, smooth and efficient global business expansion for customers.
krungsri corporate
Mitr Phol Group China has chosen MUFG (China) as its trusted financial partner in short-term financing to enhance capacity and reinforce financial strength of 6 companies under Mitr Phol Group.
krungsri corporate
Krungsri and MUFG are proud to be entrusted by Siam City Cement Pcl. and its subsidiaries to deliver complete financial solutions to them for acquisition of Holcim assets in Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
krungsri corporate
Southland Rubber Co. Ltd. has placed a great deal of trust in Krungsri and MUFG (Indonesia) which provide financial support, under terms of ultimate benefits, to strengthen the company’s subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia.
krungsri corporate
Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd. is a valued client that trusts in the capabilities of Krungsri and MUFG (India) in providing financial support for the successful expansion of its auto part factory in India.
krungsri corporate
Among Krungsri’s successful collaboration with customers is the Bank’s support through financial facilities, debenture issuance and financial risk management service given to Thai Union in its investment in Red Lobster, one of the world’s premier seafood restaurants. MUFG (USA) also greatly contributed to the deal with crucial relevant business information.
mufg global strength

Connecting global business opportunities with Business optimization services
With its extensive global network and solid alliances, Krungsri stands ready to offer global connectivity with the international business community to Thai corporate customers, through business optimization services including overseas business consultancy, in-depth knowledge sessions, overseas site visits, and business matching activities both domestic and international.

With its global network capability of more than 2,000 offices spanning more than 50 countries and regions around the world, Krungsri and MUFG is well equipped to cater to you with opportunities abounding worldwide and to take your business to the next level of global success.

*Ranking by Bloomberg in terms of asset value

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