Krungsri Biz Payment Gateway (E-Payment)

Krungsri Biz Payment

Increase your business opportunity 24/7 and expand your sales channel around the world with Krungsri e-payment service for online stores.

Krungsri e-Payment: Experience Secure Payment
Grow your e-commerce business with confidence and trust Krungsri e-Payment service. Krungsri offers the world-class payment collection technology, equipped with the anti-fraud and global data network to ensure it is secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

Global Payment System 1. Global Payment System 
          World-class service that meets PCI DSS standards, available in 13 currencies
  • World-class Payment Gateway service with PCI-DSS standards
  • Service available for 13 currencies i.e. THB, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, HKD, SGD, DKK, NOK, SEK, and CNY
  • Collect payment of products/services on merchant’s online store through Visa, MasterCard, and JCB credit cards issued by all financial institutions around the world 24 hours a day
  • Service available for registered card

Fraud Management 2. Fraud Management
Compare fraudulent transactions against the largest credit card database
  • Immediate report on any detected frauds
  • Compare payment details against Visa database
  • Fraud Blocking: Merchants can choose not to reject transactions from countries with high risk of credit card frauds 
  • ID Morphing Detection

Reliability 3. Reliability
          99.8% up time guaranteed
  • 24-hour payment collection with 99.9% up time
  • Three servers located in 3 continents around the world can substitute one another if necessary
  • Merchants are provided with User ID & password for system log-in to verify each collected payment. Settlement is made immediately on  next working day
  • Merchants can design payment collection page to match their business and website theme.
Payment Tokenization  4. Payment Tokenization
          New payment experience
  • Provide fast and easy online shopping experience
  • The system records customer’s data for undisrupted shopping without the need to repeat information filling.
  • Advanced data protection technology to prevent data theft of any kind

For more information,please contact
Bank of Ayudhya PLC (all branches)
Call 1572

Fees and charges
  • Membership entrance fee: THB 5,000/ Merchant ID
  • Membership annual fee: THB 10,000 / Merchant ID  and  25,000 /Merchant ID when using the service of the online credit card fraud prevention system  (except if the total sales volume exceed THB 1,000,000 /Year)
  • 3-5% fee per each transaction
  • Merchant is required to place minimum guarantee deposit in the Krungsri account tied to the service (minimum of THB 200,000). The minimum guarantee is determined based on various factors, including type of business, products, price, and operating period (The minimum amount will be determined as Krungsri deems appropriate.)
Key Features
  • Real-time authorization and instant online confirmation
  • E-Mail confirmation to notify merchants and buyers of transaction result
  • Multi-languages available for merchant website connection
  • Immediate sales summary submitted to banks for collected payments to be credited to merchant’s account on next working day.
  • Check real-time transaction result and check merchant’s account details online 24 hours a day.
  • Merchants can design payment collection page to match their business and website theme.
  • Enhanced confidence with the highest, internationally-acclaimed security standards.
Merchant Membership Application Procedures
Open Krungsri savings account
Open Krungsri savings account at any Krungsri branch for merchant collection transactions
Fill in form
Fill in the Krungsri form. Download is available at www.
Submit form
Submit form and supporting documents to the branch where account is held or with Krungsri officers
Application approval by Krungsri
Krungsri approves company /merchant application
Agreement signing
Company / merchant signs off agreement to utilize Krungsri e-Payment service
Krungsri coordinates for system test run
Krungsri contacts company / merchant for Krungsri e-Payment system test run
Merchant notifies system launch date
Company / merchant notifies the system launch date to Krungsri
Krungsri delivers Merchant ID
After the test run, Krungsri will submit the Merchant ID, User ID, and password for system sign-in.
Ready for service
Krungsri e-Payment system is ready for service.
Conditions and required documents
  1. Merchants hold savings or current Krungsri account.
  2. Merchants are juristic person whose registration period is not less than 1 year and has VAT registration (If the registration period is less than 1 year, such juristic person is required to have paid-up share capital of not less than THB 2 million).
  3. Merchants offer products / services which are neither illegal nor unethical. Examples of illegal and unethical businesses are as follows:
  • Sales of all types of drugs, cigarette, tobacco, and all types of additive substances
  • Sales of corrupted products, pornographic media, and matchmaking business
  • Time-sharing business  / cyber-mall business
  • Sales of weapons / gambling
  1. Business has workplace in Thailand and has sound credibility
  2. Shareholders have sound financial records
  3. If customers reject to make payments, merchants consent that Krungsri debits the said payment from the merchant’s account. In this regard, Krungsri will inform merchants of the matter prior to debiting.
  4. Merchants are required to place a guaranteed deposit with Krungsri, the amount of which will be returned to merchants after related agreement is terminated at not less than 6 months.
Required documents
  1. Copy of ID card of business owner / authorized signatory (20 years of age and higher). For foreigners, a copy of valid passport and work permit
  2. Copy of company affidavit or limited partnership affidavit and Article of Association, provided that the registration period is of not less than 1 year (the date of the copy is not exceeding 6 months)
  3. Certification of Company Seal (Bor Or Jor 3)
  4. Copy of certificate of VAT ID registration (Por Por 20) 
  5. Copy of e-commercial registration certificate
  6. Map and photos of workplace** only in case where the documents are requested by the Fraud Management Department
  7. A copy of the homepage of the merchant’s website (site main page)
  8. THB 30 duty stamp
  9. For travel agent, provide a copy of travel agency license issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).
  10. For business involving copyright, present the copyright licensee documents
  11. PCI DSS Certificate and SSL (Only for global merchant)
  1. All documents are to be signed, certified, and stamped with entity seal.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to change terms and condition without prior notice.

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