Long-Term Loan


Krungsri offers the Long-Term Loan service to facilitate your investment in fixed assets such as land for construction of facility or place of business, or purchase of machinery and equipment, etc. Repayment is made in monthly installments for a period of at least 1 year.

Credit Line
Krungsri is delighted to offer credit lines which best suit your business up to THB 200 million, based on our discretion.

Krungsri accepts land, buildings, constructions, deposits, government bonds, etc. as collaterals for your loan.

Interest Rate / Fees
The interest rates and fees are based on the type of loan applied for and the qualifications of the applicant with reference to the MRR, MLR, MOR or deposit interest rate (if deposit is used as collateral).

Fees are subject to terms and conditions stated in the Bank notifications.

Remark *Terms and conditions of loan application consideration are in compliance with criteria and conditions of the Bank.

Qualifications of Applicant
  • Applicant is individual or juristic person engaging in business
  • Applicant has good earnings and financial records
  • Applicant consents for the Bank to proceed his credit check
  • Applicant has engaged in the business or those in similar industries for at least 2 years
  • Age between 20-65 years (for individual)

For more information,please contact
Bank of Ayudhya PLC (all branches)
Call 1572

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