Overall Cash Management Products & Services


1. Collection Services
With more than 600 branches nationwide together with our modern and secure electronic channels, your collection process will be convenient, simple and accurate. We also provide reports for verifying collection result at any time.
  • Cheque Collection
Krungsri provides Cheque Collection service enabling you to deposit all kinds of cheques including post-dated cheques and allowing your customers to verify the cheque collection result and cheque status from reports generated through Krungsri CashLink.
  • Direct Debit
Krungsri will debit your business partners’ Krungsri accounts and credit to your company’s accounts on the same day. You can be assured of payment collection for goods and services from your business partners/customers at the specified dates.
  • Bill Payment
Your customers can make payments via our various payment channels including Krungsri branches nationwide and online systems such as Krungsri ATM/ Krungsri Online/ Krungsri Mobile Apps and Krungsri Phone 1572.
  • Cash Pick Up
Krungsri provides Cash Pick Up service for enhancing security and reducing risks related to your employees and cash.
2. Payment Services
We facilitate the payment process to your business partners and employees with our sophisticated and secure electronic systems as well as other payment channels. We also offer payment document management service upon your request.
  • Cheque Payment
Save time and expenses by having us print and pay your cheques to your business partners through Krungsri branch counters.
  • Cheque Express
Enjoy this fast and convenient service as cheque payment orders can be made within 2 hours in advance. It is suitable for payments to government agencies, state enterprises or shipping companies that require urgent cheque preparation, such as the Customs Department and the Port Authority of Thailand.
  • Direct Credit
Krungsri provides Direct Credit service for payment of goods and services to your business partners having accounts with all Krungsri branches nationwide. You can schedule direct credits to your business partners’ accounts every day (including public holidays).  
You can have your bulk/low-value payments directly credited to your business partners’ accounts with other banks through the SMART/BAHTNET system.  
  • Payroll
Krungsri provides Payroll service by transferring funds to your employees’ accounts with Krungsri. Fund transfers can be made every day (including public holidays). With this service, you can be assured that your employees will receive punctual salary payments on specified pay days.
3. Liquidity Management
With our cutting-edge and secure liquidity management system, you can be assured that your intra-account cash management will be optimized.
  • Liquidity Management
Enhance the business cash flow efficiency for you and your subsidiaries with our automated money transfer service for your intra-accounts customized to meet specific business needs at day-end. This service helps decrease the interest expense while increasing interest income.

4. Krungsri E-Banking Services
With our expansive e-banking services, your company will be able to make transactions, inquire information, and reconcile account with confidence in a secure and convenient manner anywhere anytime for 24 hours.
  • Krungsri CashLink (Electronic Banking Solutions for Corporate Customers)
Krungsri enables corporate customers to make transactions in a fast and convenient manner anywhere anytime for 24 hours through Krungsri CashLink that comes with the world class standard security system.
  • Krungsri E-Tax
Krungsri provides tax payment service for income tax, value added tax (VAT) and specific business tax through electronic channel. After filling in tax information through the e-Revenue system of the Revenue Department, customers can use the received reference codes for making payments through Krungsri CashLink.
  • Krungsri E-Customs
This service helps reduce customs formalities by allowing customers to pay customs to the Customs Department in a convenient and fast manner for 24 hours. It also promotes import-export data security.
  • Krungsri Supply Chain
This service helps save time and reduce the process of billing and payment collection from your business partners as funds can be immediately transferred to the accounts of the sellers.    
  •  Biz Mobile Payment
Krungsri renders payment services by connecting Krungsri’s Internet-based payment system to your online purchase order list, enabling you to verify real time payment and creating sales for 24 hours.

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