KMA (Krungsri Mobile App)

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to manage the savings accounts, credit card accounts and Krungsri products at your fingertips. You can transfer money, pay bills, add new accounts,tie credit card to your saving account, pay for car installment, trade funds and stocks, and check the currency exchange rate anywhere and anytime around the world.
What’s New KMA

a service that enables you to send requests via PromptPay to a recipient who can immediately and conveniently transfer money or make payments
Krungsri iFIN
Experience Krungsri iFIN, self applying for Krungsri personal loan via KMA with quick approval and fast disbursement (This service is avaliable for Thai national only)
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Krungsri Cardless
Forgot ATM Card ? No worry, Use "Krungsri Cardless" on KMA to get cash at Krungsri ATM through out Thailand with no fee.
Easy way to pay with QR Code

Enjoy shopping, but leave the wallet at home. KMA introduces “Scan to Pay” to make payments via this feature by scanning any bank’s QR code signs at the check-out.
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Operating System IOS and Android


Plan your money

The earlier you start saving and investing, the wealthier you will be.