Krungsri Car4Cash “PO”

Krungsri Car4Cash “PO”

Repay more to finish the loan faster with Car4Cash “PO”—the new option for you to enhance financial liquidity or expand business. Just use your car to apply for the Car4Cash “PO” auto loan.

Repay you can repay extra at any amount on top of the installment whenever you are ready and as often as you prefer.

Early finish...the more you repay, the less the remaining principal and interest so, the payment period will become shorter.

Feel good... the more you repay, the lighter your heart will be.


No need to transfer the auto register.. so,
no one needs to know.

Car for Cash understands how you prefer to shield off your family and loved ones from any worry. So, Car for Cash “PO” does not require the transfer of car register
and at the same time, the application process is very easy where there is no car register transfer fee.

Car4Cash “PO” highlights
  • No need to transfer ownership
  • No ownership transfer fee
  • Easy application
  • Fast approval
  • 18-84 installments
  • Effective interest rate
  • Convenient with ‘Car4Cash "PO" Delivery’ service to your home or office

For more information:
Call 1572 *6

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