Krungsri New Car Jew Jew

Krungsri Auto Jew Jew

Krungsri New Car Jew Jew, the new auto hire purchase that helps you own a car faster and easier as you pay installments of up to 40%* less than a regular hire purchase installment of Bank


Select to pay from the following 3 options for final payment
Krungsri Auto Jew Jew

Option 1

Full amount final payment and complete ownership transfer

Krungsri Auto Jew Jew

Option 2

Pay installments of the final installment**

Krungsri Auto Jew Jew

Option 3

If you wish to get a new car, you are entitled to turn in the old car with a dealer for down payment**

**Monthly installment of Krungsri Auto Khew Jhew is lower than regular hire-purchase installments up to 40%
**Offers are available only for participating models. We reserve the right to make consideration based on status and income of hire-purchaser per terms and conditions of the Company.


For more information:
Call 1572 *6

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