Krungsri New Car

Krungsri New Car

Krungsri New Car is the hire purchase for new car distributed by authorized dealers.

Krungsri New Car hire purchase service is provided to individuals and juristic persons, which prefer not to pay the full price upfront. The hire purchaser will make partial payment (known as down payment) to Bank and pay the remaining amount in equal installments for certain agreed periods. Upon payment completion, the ownership will be transferred to the hire-purchaser.

To apply for Krungsri New Car, applicant simply notifies an authorized dealer to get a hire purchase for a new car with Krungsri. Then, Krungsri proceeds with the credit approval process. If the credit approval process is approved, the hire-purchaser is to enter into a hire-purchase contract with Bank whereby the down payment and installment are determined as well as the method of installment payment per the agreed periods. Afterwards, Bank is to make payment to the authorized dealer whereby the ownership will be transferred to Bank. The hire-purchaser is entitled to utilize the car throughout the hire-purchase period and he shall be liable for annual tax, insurance premiums, and other expenses. In this regard, the ownership will be transferred to the hire-purchaser after the payment is complete as per the agreement.

Bank provides the new car hire purchase service for all auto brands. Approval result is available daily, including weekends. Bank is well-recognized among all auto brands dealers for its transparency and fairness.

Bank provides annual vehicle tax service and no fee is charged for payment at Bank of Ayudhya counters.


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