Krungsri Truck

Krungsri Truck

Bank supports the growth of SME and large corporations with Krungsri Truck.

Krungsri Truck is available for 4-to-12-wheel trucks, trailer head, trailers, semi-trailers, including equipment and components of the trucks used for goods transport. This service is available to major brands namely, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, and MAN.

In late 2012, Bank piloted the Krungsri Truck for corporate clients engaging in the business of cement transport for national cement producers. Then, industrial peers expressed their interest in the loan as they saw the benefit for business expansion. As such, various businesses chose our loan service for their businesses, including oil transporters, goods and products distributors, and manufacturers of agricultural products such as rubber.

Currently, Bank expands the Krungsri Truck to retail clients, both individuals and juristic persons via dealers. Therefore, you can be confident that Krungsri Truck is suitable for all business sizes.

Why Krungsri Truck?

Great offer from Krungsri Truck
  • Loan is available for body, equipment and components of trucks.
  • Low down payment and up to 60 installments
  • Convenient as we provide consultancy service at your premise.

Available for all type and sizes of trucks

From 4 to 12 wheelers, including equipment and components of trucks as shown below.

Remark: The service for 10-wheelers or larger, including trailer head, trailer, and semi-trailer are available only for juristic persons.
- We reserve the right to determine credit line, down payment, number of installment, and guarantor based on the brand and model as well as the status and income of applicant following the consideration criteria of the Bank.
- The service is available only for Japanese and European truck brands.


For more information:
Krungsri Auto call center
Tel. 0-2740-7400

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