Special Savings

krungsri persona special savings

Krungsri Step Savings special savings account

Get higher return then general savings account with attractive interest rates
Key features
  • Higher interest rate than general savings accounts of Krungsri
  • Interest is paid every month
  • Withdrawals / transfers are available twice a month at unlimited amounts
  • Deposit / withdrawal are convenient through various channels, including ATM, online channels, and Krungsri branches nationwide.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • No service fee for early account closing.

Account holder requirements
  • Individuals and juristic persons

Account opening
  • Minimum deposit for account opening of THB 30,000
  • Joint account, or "for" and "by" account are not allowed.

Withdrawal fee
A fee of THB 500 is charged from the 3rd withdrawal / transfer onwards.

Interest rates
Interests, fees, and charges are in accordance with notifications of the Bank in relation to interest rate and fees at Krungsri offices / branches or via www.krungsri.com

Terms and conditions are as determined by the Bank.
Interest rates and card fees Per the Bank notifications

Plan your money

The earlier you start saving and investing, the wealthier you will be.