Krungsri Teen Plus Deposit

krungsri personal teen plus

Krungsri Teen Plus is a savings deposit fit for youngsters aged 19 years old and below,

providing an opportunity for them to feel the pride of managing their own money. A Krungsri ATM card can be issued to young savers aged 12 years and above and a Krungsri VISA Electron Debit Card for those aged 15 years and above, paving the way to prepare them to be a planner of their own personal finance. A bonus 10% of the interest return will be credited to their accounts for an average balance exceeding THB 5,000 remaining in the account during a six-month period.

Opening a Krungsri Teen Plus Savings Account
We welcome all young savers to take advantage of this unique savings account. All you need to do is drop by one of our branches closest to you and deposit an opening balance of THB500 to enjoy the benefits of Krungsri Teen Plus Deposit.

Apart from a preferential interest rate, holders of Krungsri Teen Plus savings accounts will also enjoy a variety of other banking services, including
  • Krungsri Online – our Internet banking service
  • Krungsri ATM Card
  • Krungsri VISA Electron/Krungsri Debit cards, which can be used with Krungsri ATM system
  • Krungsri Mini ATM Card
  • Krungsri Phone 1572

Plan your money

The earlier you start saving and investing, the wealthier you will be.