Krungsri Debit No Annual Fee Card

Not Available for New Card Selling and Card Replacement Starting December 1, 2019 onwards Krungsri Debit No Annual Fee Card Krungsri Debit No Annual Fee Card ….
Worry Free…with great benefit of issuance fee and annual fee waived.

Main Benefits
  • Free!... Card issuance fee for the first time
  • Free!... Annual fee
Qualifications of applicants and details to apply Krungsri Debit No Annual Fee Card
  1. The savings account linked to the card must be maintained the average monthly deposit balance with the minimum of THB15,000 for every month throughout of cardholding. (In case of new account opening during a month, average monthly deposit balances calculation will be started to count from the account opening date to month ended date)*
  2. Krungsri SMS Banking service must be applied and used throughout of cardholding. Nevertheless, the service fee is in accordance with the Bank’s notification.*
  3. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the card if the Bank is unable to collect fee in case of unqualified cardholder for 5 consecutive months onwards.
  4. The terms and conditions including fees are in accordance with the Bank’s notification.

*The penalty fee shall be charged of THB50 per month by deducting from the deposit account until correcting qualification comply to the Bank’s terms and conditions.


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