Gift cheque

Key features
Krungsri gift voucher is a cash-equivalent instrument suitable as a gift that pleases both giver and recipient in all occasions, including wedding, birthday, and festive celebrations. Moreover, it can be used in payment of goods and services. Krungsri introduces “Sri Sattha Gift voucher”—a gift voucher in an elegant pattern. Gift voucher provides convenience for you to draw at disposal, ranging from THB 200 to THB 200,000. Also, it’s absolutely up to you whether or not to specify the payee name.

How to buy
You can buy a “Sri Sattha” gift voucher, with or without Krungsri accounts. No supporting document is required and you can choose to pay in cash, money transfer, or valid cheque. The fee is charged at THB 20 per voucher.

With Krungsri savings account, you are eligible to enjoy various other services to enhance your spending agility as follows
  • It’s safe as there’s no need to carry around a large sum of cash.
  • It’s convenient as it makes a great gift for all traditional and festive celebrations.
  • It’s magnificent as the gift voucher is in beautifully designed and its value is similar to cash.

Plan your money

The earlier you start saving and investing, the wealthier you will be.