Credit checking service

Credit checking

Credit checking service via Krungsri branches nationwide / Krungsri Online

What is credit checking for?
  • To check whether you have any borrowings, how many are there, and with which entities
  • To check whether there are any third-party loan accounts in your financial records
  • To check whether there are any outstanding payments in the past and current records
  • To check whether any closed loan account has zero balance after the last repayment is made
  • To ensure you are well aware of your financial history so as to prepare yourself in answering any questions of financial institutions where you will apply for the loan
  • To ensure correctness in other aspects such as name, surname, address and so on.

Terms and conditions
  • Only individuals who submit request for own credit checking (No Power of Attorney allowed for request submission)
  • Fees must be paid in cash if credit checking request is submitted at Krungsri branch
  • National Credit Bureau (NCB) is responsible for submission of credit report by registered mail while Krungsri merely acts as a submission channel
  • If requesting individual does not receive report in a timely manner, please contact National Credit Bureau at Tel. 0 2643 1250 during Mondays through Fridays from 08.30 – 17.30 hr.

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