Cashier cheque

Cashier cheque

Key features
Krungsri Cashier’s Check If you need to make a large sum of payment or deposit for business and commerce; or if you are looking for a more secure alternative than personal check, a cashier’s check is the best solution that offers convenience, safety, and reliability as the instrument is equivalent to cash and the amount can be credited to account immediately.

How to buy
Just drop by at Krungsri branches, to buy a “cashier’s check” and settle with cash, money transfer, or valid check. Then, clearly specify the details of payee. No supporting document is required. The fee is charged at THB 20 per check.

  • It’s more convenient than cash or personal check.
  • It’s safer as you don’t need to carry a large sum of cash around.
  • It’s refundable at any time if you no longer need the cashier’s check

Plan your money

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