Krungsri Phone 1572

Krungsri Phone 1572

Krungsri Phone 1572 is the IVR telephone banking service developed in response to today’s lifestyle. The service saves customers valuable time as they are deliberated from having to always visiting Krungsri branches. Just dial 1572 from any types of telephone network or fax machines and get started with your desired transactions, be it the account balance check, money transfer, bill payment, Krungsri ATM / VISA Debit card suspension, and many more.

Key features  

Whether you hold ATM / VISA Debit card, or savings or current accounts, you are eligible to utilize telephone banking service. Simply dial 1572 to access to the bank services from anywhere across Thailand. With Krungsri telephone banking system, you can make transactions via telephone and receive the transaction evidence via the fax machine or press 0 to contact the Call Center officers 24 hours a day.
IVR Instruction Guide
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