Auto debit for payment of goods and service

Krungsri Auto Payment Debit service simplifies your bill payment as you can choose the auto account debiting for payments of utility, credit card, mobile phone, insurance, etc.

Just open a Krungsri savings or current account and apply for the Krungsri Bill Payment Auto Payment Debit service. Then, say goodbye to waiting in a long line for bill payment or forgetting to pay bills!

How to apply
Krungsri has developed a system to facilitate the Krungsri Auto Payment Debit service application. You can apply for the service either at billers, or Krungsri branches nationwide, or via electronic channels. 

How to apply at a Krungsri branch
1. Open a savings or current account
2. Submit the application form or the auto debit consent form with complete information, together with supporting documents as required by each biller. For example,
  • The latest billing statement / invoice
  • Copy of first page of passbook containing account name and number
  • Copy of ID card
3. Wait for the application result. The commencement of Krungsri Auto Payment Debit can be checked at the biller.

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