SWIFT Outward Remittance

At Krungsri, we provide the outward remittance service based on the global network of Krungsri representative banks and the internationally-acclaimed accepted S.W.I.F.T.(Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication).

fxrmt@krungsri.com To make an overseas transfer outward fund transfer, just visit any Krungsri branch. Complete the outward remittance via SWIFT service form application form (Foreign Exchange Transaction Form) specifying recipient’s name/ and account number, the beneficiary bank, and SWIFT Code: AYUDTHBK or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) code and then, submit the form along with the related supporting documents. You will enjoy this fast, secure, and convenient way to transfer the money.

Fees and charges: 
• In case where the international bank fee is borne by recipient: In case the beneficiary takes burden on foreign bank charge:
  - THB 500.00 fee per transaction for service provided by a Krungsri branch
• In case where the international bank fee is borne by sender: In case the remitter takes burden on foreign bank charge:
- USD and other currencies transfer: THB 1,300.00 per transaction 
-  EUR and GBP: THB 1,700.00 per transaction 
- JPY: THB 500 per transaction , plus international bank fee charged foreign bank charge at 0.05% of transferred amount (minimum of JPY 5,000.00)

Requirement Terms and Conditions:
For inward outward remittance from USD 50,000.00 of USD 50,000.00 and above or equivalent; the recipient remitter is required to submit the “Foreign Exchange Transaction Form” in compliance with the regulations of the Bank of Thailand. 

For more details, please contact the Foreign Remittance and SWIFT Operations Department
Tel. 0 2296 2892-6, 0 2296 4528 Fax: 0 2296 2897, 0 2296 2969
Email: fxrmt@krungsri.com

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