Inward Remittance

With the internationally-acclaimed accepted S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication), your inward remittance to your Krungsri account will be transacted swiftly and accurately. 

Overseas sender can easily transfer the money by informing sender’s bank to send transfer payment order via SWIFT and specify Krungsri SWIFT code at AYUDTHBK, together with your Krungsri account name and account number. placing an S.W.I.F.T. order with the transferring bank and specify the Krungsri account under your name with reference to the SWIFT Code: AYUDTHBK.

Fees and charges:
  • 0.25% of transferred amounts (minimum of THB 200 baht and maximum of THB 500 per transaction)
  • For recipient accounts which are outside the clearing zone or in upcountry region, the communications line fee of THB 20 baht per transaction will be charged. An additional communication fee of THB 20.00 per transaction shall apply in the event that the fund receipt’s account is located outside of our clearing zone (Greater Bangkok Area) or in the provinces other than Bangkok.

Requirement Terms and Conditions:
For inward remittance offrom USD 50,000.00 and above or equivalent; the recipient is are required to submit the “Foreign Exchange Transaction Form” in compliance with the regulations of the Bank of Thailand. 

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