Krungsri Biz Alert

No Worry …  about rejected cheque due to insufficient account balance
Know….         all status of cheques
Never lose … business opportunity

Krungsri offers a mobile banking service where SMS alert is sent to update your cheque status. Stay worry-free and never lose business opportunity. It’s like having your own assistant on cheque matters to enhance financial management and to liberate you from any concern on rejected cheques.

Alerts for all cheque matters
  • A summary of daily cheque clearance 
  • Alert if the account balance is insufficient for cheque payment (A summary of difference between account balance and cheque collection total)
  • Alert on rejected payment and deposited cheques

Free! O/D line updates
  • SMS alert when O/D account is withdrawn at 80% and higher or when the O/D is fully withdrawn.
Day 1 Time  Alert details 
SMS  1 20.00 hr. A summary of daily cheque clearance 
SMS  2
20.30 hr.
A summary of difference between current account balance and collected cheque total due to insufficient balance 
Day 2 Time  Alert details 
SMS  3 11.00 hr. Details of each and every rejected cheque
SMS  4
11.00 hr.
Advice in case any cheque deposited to current account is rejected. Details of each of such cheque will be informed

SMS O/D Alert
SMS O/D Alert  at 8.00 hr.  If O/D is withdrawn at 80% or higher or when O/D is fully withdrawn.


For more details, please contact:
Krungsri Biz Phone 0 2626 2626 press 1 and press 0


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