Krungsri Smart Saving Life 12/6

Krungsri Smart Saving Life 12/6

Smart..with saving and cash rebate increase every 3 years

  • 6-year payment for 12 years of protection
  • Maximum of 200%*
  • End of year 3, get 9%* cash rebate
  • End of year 9, get 12%* cash rebate And maturity fund return of 195%*or a total of 231%*
  • End of year 6, get 12%* cash rebate
  • In case of accidents that cause permanent disability, premiums will be borne by the insurer on a continuous basis and the assured persons remain entitled to the benefits throughout the policy period (only standard events).
  • Premiums are tax-deductible of up to THB 100,000**
* of sum insured
** in compliance with rules and regulations of the Revenue Department

Further details are available in various media of Bank of Ayudhya.
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