Privacy Policy

Bank of Ayudhya PCL. ("the Bank") hereby notifies its confidentiality policy on customer and site visitor information as follows:

Krungsri website visit

Customers and interested persons are entitled to visit the Bank website to obtain information on our products and services, advertisements, related fees and rates, and any relevant information without having to give us any personal information, provided that you do not wish to register and receive additional information from the Bank.
The Bank may improve the website on a continuous basis and may opt for any applications to gather information on data searching behavior of site visitors for the purpose of improving the website for targeted customers, both in terms of content and access channels.

Personal information collection and retention 

Any information relating to customers or interested persons shall be utilized solely for the Bank operations as allowed by the laws as well as for development and enhancement of the Bank’s products, services, and special offers to ensure better services in response to the clients demands. Such information shall not be utilized, gathered, or retained without the Bank’s intentions as specified above. Only the information received directly from you through applications or registration via website will be gathered for the purpose of further communications. Should you agree to provide your personal information such as names, surnames, date of birth, ID card number, address, email address, telephone or fax numbers, or business activities or any transactions to the Bank, such information will be kept confidential by the Bank in alignment with our advanced security standard.

Our commitment to Your Privacy

We commit to the privacy of your personal information. Your transactions made via the Bank website will be protected with maximum security. Hence, the information will be utilized solely for your specified purposes and we opt for strict security measures as well as prevent data utilization without prior consent.

Third party disclosure

You are entitled to your privacy, since the Bank prohibits any disclosure of your information to parties other than authorized Bank officers, our affiliate companies, and third parties granted with your permission, as well as prevents data utilization without prior consent unless:
  • The Bank receives your consent;
  • Access to information completes your transactions;
  • Information given to the National Credit Bureau to which the Bank is a member;
  • Disclosure as required by the laws for the purpose of legal investigation or proceedings; and
  • Disclosure in compliance with the relevant government agencies.
The Bank may utilize your provided information for the purpose of product and service improvement, including promotional and marketing activities. The Bank shall maintain the confidentiality of your personal information with high-standard security measures. We reserve the right to use your personal information for any analyses for the benefit of the Bank operation at any time.

Data protection measures

The Bank sees significance of financial transactions made via the Internet and electronic banking services.
We adopt the safety technology and measures to ensure the confidentiality of our service recipients to prevent unauthorized utilization or disclosure without permission. We would like to introduce the following safety measures to users of the Krungsri Online, Krungsri Mobile Application, and other electronics banking services.
  • Safety measures for Internet banking users
  • Things you should know about Phishing
Safety is the most important factor for the Internet transactions. Therefore, ensure your personal and account information is properly safeguarded.

Realizing that criminal activities relating to information theft have increased at an alarming rate, the Bank has invested millions of baht each year in the enhanced technology as well as the transactor identity verification training courses for our officers to prevent any deceptions and frauds of all forms. Users are strongly suggested to follow the bank recommendations on personal information protection for Internet banking transactions. Keep in mind that appropriate information protection is mutual responsibility between the Bank and service recipients.

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