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Krungsri Tradelink

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Application Form for Krungsri Tradelink System
 (109 kB)
Attachment Request for Opening or Amending the Letter of Credit via Krungsri Tradelink
 (101 kB)
Attachment Request for Transfer of Foreign Currency via Krungsri Tradelink System
 (122 kB)
Attachment Confirmation of Foreign Exchange Transaction via Krungsri Tradelink System
 (111 kB)
Request for Additional Services (Krungsri Tradelink System)
 (106 kB)
Request for Nomination of Beneficiary for Foreign Currency Transfer Request
 (66 kB)
Attachment for Section 1: Customer Profile Information
 (148 kB)
Attachment for Section 2: Account Number for viewing of Online Account Statement Inquiry (Today&History 30 days)
 (111 kB)
Attachment for Section 3: USERID condition for creating and/or Approving Transaction
 (502 kB)
Attachment for Section 4: Request for File Upload Service, Host to Host Service
 (155 kB)
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