Financial Assistance Package for Borrowers with Economic Slowdown Impact

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Financial Relief Program for Commerial Loan Borrower
  • Commercial Loan Borrower with economic impact
  • Currently, NOT BAY’s NPL borrower
  • Not a fraud case nor under legal process which could eventually impact ability to pay or lead to bankruptcy
  • Not in the Blacklist or Business Fraud

Relief Measures
The relief measures are considered on a case by case basis but must be within the following framework:
  • 1. Non-revolving facility
    • Lower interest rate by maximum 2% for up to 6 months period
    • Hold overdue amount to pay at the later stage of the contract period
    • Grace period on principle up to 12 months
    • Reduce installment amount up to 12 months
    • Extension of tenor up to 12 months including facility secured by TCG (within TCG guarantee period)
    • Waiver of penalty rate
  • 2. Revolving facility
    • Extension of maturity date for credit transaction up to 6 months (but must not exceed original transaction tenor)
    • Conversion of short-term loan to 12-month long-term loan
    • Waiver of pernalty rate

Validity of the Program
Until December 2021


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