Receipt of Complaint

1. Objective
To ensure that the Bank’s business operations are undertaken in a proper, transparent, fair and verifiable manner in line with the good corporate governance principle, the Bank has provided channels to receive complaints from all groups of stakeholders for any matter or doubt related to improper actions of the Bank’s functional units and employees which may result in damage to the Bank as well as to establish measures to protect a complainant filing a complaint in good faith.
2. Persons who can file a complaint and scope of complaint to be received
All groups of the Bank’s stakeholders, namely shareholders, customers, trading partners, creditors, relevant commercial banks or financial institutions, executives and employees of the Bank as well as those who get affected by the Bank’s operations, may file a complaint with or provide information to the Bank when witnessing, knowing or doubting or having reasonable grounds to believe in good faith that any functional units or employees of the Bank breach or violate laws, rules, regulations, good corporate governance principles, business code of conduct, policies and procedures which may result in damage to the Bank. Nevertheless, the Bank reserves the right to consider the following issues:
  • Job application
  • Questionnaire or request for information related to the Bank 
  • Offer of products or services for sale 
  • Donation request 
  • Matters beyond the authority of the Bank 
  • Matters which are not beneficial to the Bank’s overall operations
3. Measures to protect and maintain confidentiality of a complainant 
In order to protect rights of a complainant or a person giving information who acts in good faith, the Bank will keep confidential the name, address or any information indicative of the complainant or the person giving information as well as the information provided by the complainant or the person giving information. Access to the said information will be limited to only those responsible for investigating complaints. 

In this regard, persons receiving the said information due to their performing of duties relevant to the complaints shall treat the information, the complaint and the documentary evidence of the complainant and the person giving the information as confidential and are prohibited from disclosing such information to any other person who is not a relevant person except for the case where disclosure is required by law.
4. Actions taken upon receipt of a complaint
The Bank sets up a functional unit to consider the received complaint and instruct relevant functional units to investigate factual information relating to the complaint and take corrective actions in an appropriate manner. The service level agreement has been clearly determined and the relevant functional units will inform the complainant of the result within an appropriate time period.
5. Channel of receipt of complaint
A complainant shall provide details of the complaint as well as his/her name, address and contact phone number via the following channels.
Channel 1 Krungsri Website : Suggestion/Complaint Click
Channel 2 Krungsri Simple Fanpage Click
Channel 3 Krungsri Call Center 1572 (Overseas call 66-2296-2000 # 1)
Channel 4 Krungsri Branch : Find Branch Location Click
Channel 5 Letter. Please send letter to:
Customer Feedback Section
Bank of Ayudhya PCL, Head Office
1222, Rama III Road, Bang Phongphang Sub-district, Yan Nawa District, Bangkok 10120

For the complaint file through the Audit Committee, a complainant can contact the Audit Committee via the following channels.

Channel 1 Letter. Please send letter to:
  • Chairman of the Audit Committee (Khun Potjanee Thanavaranit) or
  • Audit Committee Member (Khun Virat Phairatphiboon) or
  • Audit Committee Member (Dr.Jamlong Atikul) or
  • Audit Committee Member (Khun Tongurai Limpiti)
Bank of Ayudhya PCL, Head Office
1222, Rama III Road, Bang Phongphang Sub-district, Yan Nawa District, Bangkok 10120  

Channel 2 webform Click
For information of Financial Consumer Protection Center, Bank of Thailand Click

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