Roles and Duties of the Corporate Secretary

The Board of Directors appointed Mrs. Thidarat Sethavaravichit, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Secretariat Department, as Corporate Secretary and act as Secretary to the Board of Directors and Secretary to the Executive Committee, with the main responsibilities as follows:
  1. Fulfill the duties of Corporate Secretary as stipulated by law and as assigned by the Board of Directors;
  2. Ensure that various activities of the Board of Directors are in compliance with relevant laws, rules and regulations;
  3. Organize meetings of shareholders and Board of Directors meetings and prepare minutes of meetings in compliance with laws and the Bank’s Articles of Association, including follow up of matters arising from meeting resolutions;
  4. Advise the Board of Directors on relevant legal issues, rules and the Bank’s Articles of Association that it has to know in performing its duties for the benefit of Krungsri;
  5. Arrange for an orientation and provide information to newly appointed directors;
  6. Coordinate with secretaries of the committees reporting to the Board of Directors.
Profile, shareholding of the Bank and training information of the Corporate Secretary
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Krungsri encourages the Corporate Secretary to take related training courses beneficial to the performance of duties, which are organized by IOD and other agencies, e.g. Company Secretary Program (CSP), Board Reporting Program (BRP), Director Certification Program (DCP) and Corporate Governance for Executives (CGE). In addition, the Corporate Secretary was assigned to attend seminars on “The Demanding and Changing Role of the Corporate Secretaries” and “Enhancing Good Corporate Governance based on CGR Scorecard”, apart from field trips to learn more about corporate secretary tasks domestically and abroad for gaining more experience. In 2017, the Corporate Secretary attended a training course namely Master Class “Corporate Governance and Director Duties Excellence 2017”.

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