Good Corporate Governance Principles

We are determined to achieve the sustainable and steady growth and to increase the long-term business value with legitimate, transparent and auditable operation. In addition, we are committed to integrity as important foundation considering risks, responsibilities and fair treatment to stakeholders and all relevant parties together with supporting sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

To achieve such purposes, these Good Corporate Governance Principles are set up in accordance with the good corporate governance criteria stipulated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) as well as in line with Banking Industry Code of Conduct and the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ASEAN CG Scorecard).

The Board of Directors has approved these Good Corporate Governance Principles as the guideline for operating the business and improving the business operation standard to achieve international acceptance. These Principles also serve as the behavior framework to be strictly adhered to by all directors, executives and employees in performing their duties. In addition, they are the basic guideline to be applied by its group companies by either adopting these Principles or creating their own good corporate governance principles in alignment with their nature of business.

To ensure that these Good Corporate Governance Principles correspond to the situation and business environment and all relevant laws and regulations, the Board of Directors has assigned the Legal Group to review these Good Corporate Governance Principles every year or without delay if there is any significant change before further proposing to the committees overseeing corporate governance and the Board of Directors, respectively for consideration and approval.
Good Corporate Governance Principles
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