Krungsri launches smart branch powered by ‘Smart’ Channel Strategy, bringing its services into digital era

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Krungsri unveiled its ‘Smart’ Channel Strategy via smart banking, investment, people and technology under the customer centricity principle. Packed with services that answer to changing customer lifestyles, staff with financial advisory expertise, and full-fledged cutting-edge technologies, Krungsri Siam Paragon Smart Branch was opened to serve customer demand. At least 12 new smart branches will be opened in 2019.

Mr. Phonganant Thanattrai, Krungsri Head of Retail Banking and Distribution Group, said “In response to changing customer behavior in the digital era, Krungsri has developed multiple service channels for ultimate customer convenience and speedy services, mainly driven by financial technologies. Still, the Bank continues to place considerable emphasis on physical branches, with expansion and renovation in accordance with customer needs as we understand that customers seek different financial demand and prefer using different service channels. Krungsri, thus, strives to ‘Make Life Simple’ for customer with all financial lifestyles.”

“Our recent customer surveys showed many still love to visit branches to conduct transactions and seek financial advice as well as updates on current financial and investment trends. Given this, Krungsri has recreated our branches to better satisfy the needs and lifestyles of customers, while upgrading our service to suit customer behavior for their greater convenience. In addition, our focus has been on improving staff capabilities so that they can become customers’ financial advisors and best assistants. Branch employees will continue to be key service providers maintaining a personal touch and long-term customer relationships, while diverse technologies will be adopted for greater convenience, safety and speedier services. Expected to create digital experiences for customers, the new smart branch offers diverse service channels easy to access, with simple and fast transactions. Customers will be assisted to make them familiar with the Bank’s multiple digital self-service platforms,” Mr. Phonganant said.

Under the customer centricity principle, four types of branch have been introduced: (i) smart branch – a branch equipped with automatic machines for self-service transactions and full-time staff presence for advice; (ii) smart kiosk – a kiosk with automatic machines for self-service transactions with more limited staff presence for advice; (iii) partnership branch – a special branch jointly run with other organizations, e.g. universities; and (iv) typical branch – a normal type of branch.

As for the smart branch, its design has been made with focuses on space, staff and speed, with automatic machines available in meeting customer expectations for convenient and fast self-service transactions, including making deposits, withdrawals, funds transfer, bill payments, updating passbooks, and opening an account.

A broad range of services are provided at the smart branch:
  • 3-in-1 Machine at which customers can make deposits, withdrawals, funds transfer, bill payment and updating passbooks
  • Cash Bill Payment Machine at which customers, with or without Krungsri accounts, can pay at least 90 bills using all types of banknotes and coins
  • Smart Teller Machine at which customers can make a self-service account opening transaction, ranging from entering information to issuing a debit card, with or without a passbook. A VDO teller will be available for customer advice. In the future, the financial recognition technology will be in place for customer authentication. The deposits, withdrawals, funds transfer and bill payments will soon be able to be made at this machine, while products suit to customers will be introduced via cross-selling.

A branch area will be allocated for The Advisory which is a financial and investment advisory zone where Krungsri Prime and Krungsri Exclusive customers could also attend diverse activities and seminars to get financial insights.
  • Relax & refreshment: It is a reception lounge providing news and stock updates, as well as Krungsri products and service information, with snacks and beverages available
  • Financial advisory services: Well trained staff will be available full-time to offer financial and investment advice and options suit to customers’ financial goals
  • VDO conferencing with expert: Investment advisory services will be provided by experts, with in-depth investment insights, via VDO-conferencing meetings
  • Meeting rooms: Small meeting rooms will be provided for business discussion or meetings to offer customer convenience and save time
  • Seminars: Seminars will be held with experts or speakers experienced in the fields of economy, investment and other topics.

Krungsri Siam Paragon Smart Branch is a prototype branch, while more similar smart branches will be opened making the total to be 12 by 2019.


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