Plearn Plearn by Krungsri GURU: Easy-to-read online content hub to Make Life Simple

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Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) launched  plearn เพลิน  a unique easy-to-read online content hub of financial and lifestyle insights depicted under the Make Life Simple concept. Three renowned and experienced gurus will help make the content inspirational to visitors.

Ms. Mingkwan Pattanawong, Krungsri Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Branding and Marketing Division, said “Given Krungsri’s strategy and brand promise of Make Life Simple, the Bank not only dedicates to developing financial innovation to make life simple for customers, but we also put a considerable effort into providing financial literacy, a key factor to make everyone’s life simple. So not only do Krungsri customers find Plearn Plearn by Krungsri GURU beneficial for them, but general visitors will also be attracted to its easy-to-digest content concerning financial, investment, and other lifestyle matters under the Make Life Simple concept focusing on building an impressive customer experience. Any complicated content will be simplified and gussied up on Plearn Plearn by Krungsri GURU to ensure that visitors would find it easy to understand. Featuring a fully responsive design with UX/UI, visitors will also find it easy to navigate and get an exceptional experience no matter which platform they get the content from.”

Taking part of content from the website,  plearn เพลิน  is designed to portray every aspect of consumer daily life, comprising following four content pillars:
  1. Lifestyle: Cool ideas and lifestyle trends
  2. Finance: Matters that make life simple
  3. Business: Secrets to success in business
  4. Innovation: To stay ahead of the digital era curve

“To make the website inspirational with fresh perspectives, Plearn Plearn by Krungsri GURU is equipped with three gurus, Mr. Wannasingh Prasertkul, Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha, and Ms. Patcha Poonpiriya, also called as June June, whose fields of expertise and success stories are largely diverse. They will present their respective points of view to spice up the content making it engaging for site visitors,” Ms. Mingkwan said.

Since 2014, a number of experts from a variety of fields have been invited to provide content for Krungsri’s website with more than 1,000 articles posted. The website traffic growth reached 200% compared to the end of 2014, with 60% new viewers. The number of pageviews averages 500,000 per month, of which 64% are viewed by female visitors. Viewers aged 25-34 made up the largest age group visiting the website, followed by those aged 35-44, and those aged 18-24, respectively. The top content category viewed is finance, followed by lifestyle matters, business, and innovation, respectively.

“As a bank, we are focusing on content that makes visitors understand financial and investment matters, as well as lifestyle trends, which is our long-term goal we have invested for. Among other results are more traffic driven to Krungsri’s website, and increasing brand awareness. Recently, Plearn Plearn by Krungsri GURU was ranked number two in terms of traffic,” added Ms. Mingkwan.

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