Disclosure Statements

Krungsri and environmental, social, and governance policies toward sustainability

Environmental Disclosure Statement

Taking actions to address global environmental issues
  • Striving to protect the environment and responding to climate change is the responsibility of all human beings.
  • Aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by protecting the global environment in alignment with the SDGs .
  • Complying with applicable legislation and international agreements and responding appropriately when our operations result in environmental risks or negative impacts.
  • Striving to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, as well as actively working towards finding solutions to global environmental issues through our business activities

Human Rights Disclosure Statement

Krungsri recognizes respect for human rights as an important issue to be addressed in the management of our business for the realization of our Corporate Mission as a member of the world’s most trusted financial group in serving society through sustainable growth. We aim to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights across all of our operations.


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