Notification of the Shareholders’ Meetings (Year 2019)

Notification of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 107 (2.7 MB)
Supporting Documents for Meeting Agenda
  • Agenda 1 Copy of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 106 held on April 26, 2018
(277 kB)
  • Agenda 2 The Board of Directors’ Report on 2018 Operations
(8.6 MB)
  • Agenda 4 Profit Allocation from the Performance of the Year ended December 31, 2018 and Dividend Payment
(87 kB)
  • Agenda 5 Profiles of Persons nominated as Replacements for Directors retiring by Rotation and Definition of Independent Director
(282 kB)
  • Agenda 6 Structure and Rate of the Directors’ Remuneration for Year 2019
(106 kB)
  • Agenda 7 Details of Auditors and Audit Fees
(169 kB)
  • Agenda 8 Change of the Face Value per Unit of the Bank’s Debentures
(60 kB)
  • Agenda 9 Amendment to the Bank’s Articles of Association
(87 kB)
  • Agenda 11 Revocation of the AGM No. 104’s Resolution on the Entire Business Transfer of Krungsri Factoring Co., Ltd. (KSF) to the Bank
(79 kB)
Supporting Documents for Meeting Attendance
  • Proxy
  • Proxy Form A
(141 kB)
  • Proxy Form B
(196 kB)
  • Proxy Form C (For Custodian)
(202 kB)
  • Practice Guideline for the Meeting
(148 kB)
  • Example of Proxy Form B
(133 kB)
  • Information of Directors nominated by the Bank for the Shareholders to appoint as Proxy
(134 kB)
  • The Bank’s Articles of Association in the Part relating to the Meeting
(74 kB)
  • Registration Process
(97 kB)
  • Map of the Meeting Venue
(2.2 MB)

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