Consolidated Statement

Consolidated Statement

A single statement providing you with a comprehensive view of your financial asset holdings with Krungsri and its subsidiaries

  • The consolidated statement gives a holistic view of all your financial products, helping you balance your asset allocation
  • The statement includes information about deposits, mutual funds, Krungsri debentures, stocks and derivatives trading via Krungsri Securities Company Limited, and loans such as overdrafts, personal loans, Krungsri Home Loan, auto loans, and credit cards

Free of charge
Apply now
at your account opening branch
or call your Relationship Manager for assistance

Required documents
A certified copy of your identity card

  • The consolidate statement will be sent to your mailing address registered with the Bank.
  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • For more information please call 0 2296 5566, press 2 then 2

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