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Krungsri, a strategic member of MUFG global financial group, has elevated its previously known Treasury Group to “Global Markets” Group to provide one-stop financial markets solutions including foreign exchange, derivatives and structured products.Empower you to expand your business and investment to all key regions of Thailand and ASEAN with a team of experienced and internationally-trained professionals. With in-depth market analysis from multiple aspects, we are ready to sharpen your vision and take your business to another level of success
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What is Global Markets?
As a member of MUFG, Global Markets has enhanced the service to our clients to another level with treasury’s related products and turn-key solution provider, aiming to answer the customer’s needs in both every day’s business operation and financial planning for better risk mitigation. Our product range covers on Foreign Exchange (FX) & Currencies, Derivatives to manage the interest rate exposure. In addition, we serve our investor clients in sourcing opportunistic fixed income bond & debenture to enhance the total return while having hedging strategies through currencies, derivatives, securities, and other financial instruments.

What makes us different?
1.  Global Connection
Elaborating on our world-wide network of MUFG, a world leading financial group, Krungsri’s Global Markets now becomes a global powerhouse, providing clients with top-notch business solution through our leading trading activities. With full support from BTMU-Tokyo  with its worldwide networking, Krungsri’s Global Markets has succeeded in increasing business connectivity in ASEAN countries and emerging markets in addition to Krungsri’s strong hold in Laos and border’s branches.
 Strategically, we are starting the collaboration with BTMU’s global network and regional marketing team from Singapore to facilitate our clients’ business and trade flow with countries in emerging economy through BTMU branches.

2. World-class Standard Level of Service
Supported by a global financial group, Krungsri’s Global Markets is uniquely in the strong position to develop and execute both standard and hybrid solution with a broad range of professional standard application for clients in all key aspects of financial markets. In particular, in the upcoming years, ASEAN markets will undoubtedly be the growth driver for our corporate clients. Their deep and solid knowledge in such related emerging currencies is instrumental in bringing about successful business expansion in these markets. By incorporating our group’s solid network in the ASEAN countries with our local proprietary and quantitative specialists, supported by on group’s ASEAN research team on global business insight, we are able to understand the peculiarities of these emerging currencies especially in the regulatory point of view and can assist our clients to better manage the relevant risks with full compliance to each local regulation.

3. Building on a Strong Client Relationship
Implementing Krungsri’s core value of “Customer Centricity”, our immense goal is to continue to fortify our eminent service; we not only intend to facilitate our clients’ business, but also determined to help our customers to achieve their ultimate goals serving with strategic advisory. Moreover, privileged to our clients, our research team will give an insight 

Who can be benefited from?
Retail Clients
Institutional Clients

FX & Derivatives

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