FX Product


A new channel for customers entering in FX contracts with the Bank that makes it more convenient for the customers to make FX Confirmation via Krungsri Tradelink system.
  • Fast : as the FX Confirmation can be completed via the Internet
  • Convenient : No need to visit branches to submit Foreign Exchange Contract
  • Less steps : Management and documentation cost is minimized
How to apply
  1. Contact Krungsri Business Center to apply for service
  2. Customer is provided with User ID and Password to enter Krungsri Tradelink system to compete the FX Confirmation
Remark Persons authorized to proceed FX Confirmation via Krungsri Tradelink system are solely authorized representatives of FX trade service recipients as stated in the notification on list of representatives to proceed with derivative instruments related to foreign exchange and/or interest rates.

Services offered via Krungsri Tradelink

Services for Import
  • Import Letter of Credit
  • Import Letter of Credit Amendment
  • Outward Fund Transfer
Services for Export
  • Letter of Credit Advising
  • Inward Fund Transfer
Other services
  • International trade services such as information on credit limit, balance, past international trade transactions, outward fund transfer, FX contracts, and so on.
  • Status Advice Service to notify status of transactions via Krungsri Tradelink to track the progress of transactions-ranging from the transaction making, approving, and cancelling.
  • Transaction Download Service in the excel format, where various formats are available for service recipients to choose for their internal analysis.

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