Import Letter Of Credit

Import Letter Of Credit

Enhance the payment confidence to your overseas partners with an L/C to be issued correctly and aligned with terms and conditions in sales contract for efficient import operation

Krungsri provides L/C issuing service for importers who would like to boost confidence in payment of goods and services to overseas sellers as the sellers will receive payment from the bank upon presenting all documents according to the L/C conditions.

  • Increase business opportunities as opening an L/C provides business partners with assurance that they will receive payment from the bank if presented documents are correct, complete and comply with conditions in the L/C
  • Be assured of our document checking standard with step-by-step consultancy from our Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS)
  • 24-hour L/C issuing service via Krungsri Tradelink as well as transaction status tracking,
L/C copy printing, receipt and outstanding balance inquiry services

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