Krungsri Value Chain Solutions


What is Krungsri Value Chain Solutions?
Krungsri Value Chain Solutions is a financial service designed for business owners in need of cash flow for effective liquidity management and bill payments. The service also allows billing to Sponsor via the electronics channel by following simple, convenient, secure, and fast steps. Krungsri Value Chain Solutions truly simplifies the business and money matters for entrepreneurs.


  • Enhance liquidity of business owners
  • Ensure continuity of business operation and expansion
  • Fast and convenient service as the operating process is minimized by the online process via the Internet
  • Strengthen the relationship and trust in terms of finance between Buyer, Supplier, and Sponsor
Type of loans  

  • The Loan for Buyer only requires a guarantor / deposit / and guarantee provided by Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) as collateral while building is not required.
  • No asset is required as collateral for the Loan for Supplier.
  • The pre-approved model system of Krungsri can notify Buyer and Supplier in advance whether they are qualified to apply for the loan as well as inform the pre-approval result prior to joining the “Krungsri Value Chain” Program. This measure aims to protect interested applicants from wasting their time with document preparation.
  • Fast, convenient, and time-saving service as business owners can make transactions via the Internet 24 hours a day. So, they no longer need to visit the branch to make transactions.
  • Special interest rates

Krungsri Value Chain Solutions

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