Fund Supervisory


The Bank provides Fund Supervisor service of all types of mutual funds investing in debt and equity instruments, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, retirement mutual funds, or long-term equity funds.

We administrate and safe keep the assets, settle selling-purchasing prices, monitor and follow up benefit on investments in securities of mutual funds for asset management companies, make roster of assets and asset registration, review and certify value calculation of net assets, prepare reports ensuring that the asset management company adheres to duties and responsibilities in compliance with the fund management project, commitments between unit holders, asset management company, the related rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and related laws.
Since the Bank has been granted the license from the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission from 24 September 2003 onwards, we are ready to provide the Fund Supervisory service for mutual fund, with our system being constantly developed to extend coverage to all types of funds, including mutual funds for overseas investment in over 18 countries around the world where the investment markets can be increased based on the objective of the fund and customers’ requirements in the future.

Service Channel
Call Center 02-296-4520 and 02-296-5809


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