Agency Services


Facility Agent
The Bank provides facilitation service in respect of project finance or syndication loan by coordinating among any participants including borrower, lawyer, accountant, credit analyst, technical advisor, insurance advisor and departments of joint-lending banks involving in loan approval namely, legal department, finance department, and credit analysis department in order to ensure that the joint-lending banks can provide financial support to borrowers in alignment with purposes of projects as well as terms and scope stated in the credit agreement. In addition, the Bank provides service on principal and interest installment calculation as well as follow-up on consent requests from the lending group.  
Security Agent
Since a project finance involves various lending financial institutions, a security agent needs to be appointed. The Bank provides Security Agent service controlling and monitoring all collaterals of the project finance namely, land and building, deposits, stocks, bonds, treasury bills, and other securities placed as collaterals on behalf of the lenders.
In addition, we offer the budget controlling service for the project to ensure spending is in line with the related agreement. We are also intermediary to register pledge, mortgage, guarantee, and exercise the right to enforce collateral on behalf of the lending group. You can ensure that collateral valuations are calculated in compliance with terms and conditions of the credit agreement and that they are safely kept and immediately available for collateral use when required.
Escrow Account/Agent
The Bank provides representative service who manages, verifies, and controls the account of counterparty to the agreement (Escrow Account) and ensures the correctness as well. We ensure the terms and conditions are completed by the counterparty to the agreement and hold the payment to be settled to the counterparty per the terms and conditions of the agreement. In addition, the Bank is allowed by the Ministry of Finance to act as Escrow Agent per the license No. SorNgor. 0009 dated on 5 March 2010. Our team of professionals with readiness and expertise in real estate industry are designated to ensure that escrow accounts are managed properly and all commitments and compensation are delivered to both parties per the agreement.
Safekeeping Agent
The Bank provides Safekeeping Service for asset-related documentations. The service supported by our modern workflow system is provided by our knowledgeable and experienced team in asset safekeeping to ensure the compliance with law and legal requirements. You can not only be assured that assets are safely, securely and systematically kept but also be able to check your assets on any working days; or track the asset movements through the Bank’s report, which can be utilized upon your preference.
Service Channel
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