Cheque Payment

Cash Management

Free up your business from time-consuming document and cheques preparation to your trade partners and also minimize the management’s burden of signing cheques

Krungsri provides Cheque Payment service, minimizing the burden of preparing cheques payment of goods and services to your trade partners.
  • Krungsri provides cheque printing service and offers 3 convenient ways to pick up cheques:
  1. branch counters
  2. cheque delivery to your company
  3. cheque delivery to your beneficiaries through registered mails
  • Able to receive cheque payment notification in advance and print withholding tax documents
  • Krungsri verifies completeness of cheque collection documents upon your request.
  • Able to track the cheque status through Krungsri CashLink
  • Minimize the burden of cheque preparation in each business cycle
  • Ensure effective administrative cost with less time but high credibility
  • Minimize the management’s burden of signing cheques
  • Enhance convenience of trade partners to check the status and details of cheque collection
Cheque Payment

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