Payment Services

We facilitate the payment process to your business partners and employees with our sophisticated and secure electronic systems as well as other payment channels. We also offer payment document management service upon your request.

Cheque Payment
Save time and expenses by having us print and pay your cheques to your business partners through Krungsri branch counters.
Cheque Express
Enjoy this fast and convenient service as cheque payment orders can be made within 2 hours in advance. It is suitable for payments to government agencies, state enterprises or shipping companies that require urgent cheque preparation, such as the Customs Department and the Port Authority of Thailand.
Direct Credit
Krungsri provides Direct Credit service for payment of goods and services to your business partners having accounts with all Krungsri branches nationwide. You can schedule direct credits to your business partners’ accounts every day (including public holidays).  
You can have your bulk/low-value payments directly credited to your business partners’ accounts with other banks through the SMART/BAHTNET system.  
Krungsri provides Payroll service by transferring funds to your employees’ accounts with Krungsri. Fund transfers can be made every day (including public holidays). With this service, you can be assured that your employees will receive punctual salary payments on specified pay days.

Plan your money

The earlier you start saving and investing, the wealthier you will be.