People Development


Pride in our People as we Make Life Simple

Krungsri’s mission is not only to lead the local banking industry and achieve our business targets, but also to be recognized as the sector’s Employer of Choice. We are committed to fostering an engaging corporate culture and professional environment in which people want to work.

In 2013, we reached a significant milestone by being recognized as the only Thai company and one of just 32 around the world to receive the Gallup Great Workplace Award from Gallup, the world’s leading research-based performance managment consulting company.

Our Human Resources Group is the key facilitator in creating such a highly engaged and empowered workplace. Krungsri P R I D E is one of the key mechanisms for achieving this goal.

Krungsri P R I D E




  are our biggest asset. As such we have developed personnel development plans for employees at all levels in a systematic manner. All employees have their own individual development plan based on their career path. In 2013, Krungsri primarily focused on the development of leadership competencies for high-level executives and partnered with leading academic institutions and personnel development organizations at national and global levels such as the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration (SASIN) and Assumption University (ABAC).We arranged 39 training courses for more than 1,200 executives with the aim of creating role models who can motivate their colleagues and teams to deliver excellent performance.


refers to the development of a system which enables the organization to achieve sustainable business growth while maintaining good corporate governance. For example, Krungsri applied the information technology system to streamline redundant processes under the concept of Make Life Simple. The Krungsri People system was developed to enable employees to access and manage their personal information. Moreover, a strategy to develop new ways of learning was implemented and we integrated e-learning multimedia technology across the business in order to make training courses more interesting and to facilitate easy access to self-development courses for employees.


must be upheld throughout the business by each and every employee at Krungsri. To demonstrate their commitment to integrity in doing business, all employees are required to sign Krungsri’s The Spirit & The Letter form.
In addition, Krungsri consistently promotes awareness of this principle through multiple learning channels and tools.


of our people is a key focus at Krungsri where we promote growth and career advancement of employees through our Talent Management program. This provides a guideline for identifying and developing talent based on an employee’s performance rating and the assessment of their core values and leadership skills. Our Succession Planning program is another key element of our human resource development strategy. It establishes clear guidelines and processes for identifying successors within the Bank and its subsidiaries from people who demonstrate outstanding performance and potential and are ready to be developed for positions of advancing responsibility. The program is aimed at ensuring management continuity in key positions and emphasizes the development of personnel to be ready to step up into key positions. We are also implementing foreign language training courses in preparation for the formation of the AEC in 2015. Over 500 employees who work at strategic branches and serve foreign customers will undertake this training.

Engaged Culture

  Voice of Krungsri (VOK) gives every employee an opportunity to share their creative ideas for developing and driving the organization towards its goals of becoming the
‘Employer of Choice’. This tool allows employees to express their opinions via a series of employee engagement surveys which are used in forming action plans which are then implemented to improve the workplace environment.

In addition to Krungsri PRIDE we have also developed Krungsri We Care as another project to increase employee engagement. This program provides employees working in provincial areas the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions with the Bank’s CEO in an informal setting.

Furthermore, during the year we produced a short film titled Krungsri Core Values: The Movie with an aim to communicating the Bank’s core values to employees. We also launched the Values Appreciation Card, an activity through which employees can acknowledge colleagues who demonstrate our core values. This activity motivates and encourages employees to increasingly exhibit behaviors which reflect Krungsri’s organizational values and culture.

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