Krungsri Phone 1572

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KRUNGSRI Phone 1572 is the convenient telephone banking service that enables you to bank with us in a single call through Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) system. Save your valuable time- Just dial 1572 from any fixed line, facsimile or mobile phone (available for all operators) , you will be able to conduct a range of banking transactions- check account balances, transfer money, pay your bills and many more services.

If you are a KRUNGSRI ATM/ KRUNGSRI VISA Debit cardholder, or a BAY customer with savings/current accounts, you will be automatically entitled to employ the phone service. 1572 is the only phone number you will need in order to manage your own financial transactions from anywhere nationwide. The automated telephone banking service will guide you through each step of banking with us and allow you to get a transaction receipt by using a facsimile machine. Otherwise, press "0" to contact our 24/7 call center agent.


Services via KRUNGSRI Phone 1572

Balance Inquiry
Check balances of all your accounts, including loan accounts, registered to use Krungsri Phone 1572, or registered under Krungsri ATM/ Krungsri VISA Debit card.


Money Transfer
Transfer money between registered accounts through KRUNGSRIPhone 1572 anytime you wish.


Bill Payment (Available only for KRUNGSRI ATM/ KRUNGSRI VISA Debit cardholders)
Pay your bills, whenever you need, to any billers of your choice- phone bills, mobile top-up, insurance, leasing and many more.

Statement Inquiry
Request for your account transaction records (maximum 1 month)- available for both savings and current accounts.

Card/ Account/ Cheque Payment Suspense
Enables you to suspend your cards, cheques or accounts, in case of loss or other causes.
Effective immediately upon notification.


Automatic Payment Debit Service
Apply for KRUNGSRI Autopay Debit service to automatically pay for goods/ services, such as AYS.
Change Purchase Limit of KRUNGSRI VISA Debit cardrd
Allows KRUNGSRI VISA Debit cardholders to easily set their card's purchase limit to 0 (zero), 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, or 100,000 THB.


Service Information
Inquiry center for the bank's updated interest rates for various types of accounts, loan rates, foreign exchange rates, as well as product/service information. All current promotion and branch telephone information are also provided to you via the service.


Service Application
For the customers who do not hold any KRUNGSRI ATM /KRUNGSRI VISA Debit card (both juristics and individuals): Fill out and submit an application form to any BAY branch nationwide.
(Download Application Form)


Conditions of Use

For juristic or individual person who does not hold KRUNGSRI ATM or KRUNGSRI VISA Debit card:

• The customer may register up to the maximum of 10 accounts, all of which must have the same account name and account authorized person.
• The customer must not enter wrong PIN more than 5 times. In case that the wrong PIN entry is over 5 times, the customer needs to contact the servicing branch for the new PIN.
• Money transfer between the customer's registered accounts can be made up to 5,000,000 THB per day.

For Krungsri ATM or Krungsri VISA Debit cardholer:

• The customer must not enter wrong PIN more than 2 times; otherwise, KRUNGSRI Phone 1572 will be temporarily suspended. To re-activate the service, a valid PIN entry at KRUNGSRI ATM machine is required. Note that the customer will be unable to use KRUNGSRI Phone 1572 service if KRUNGSRI ATM/ KRUNGSRI VISA debit card is suspended.
• Money transfer between a customer’s registered accounts can be made up to 1,000,000 THB per day.
• Bill payment service is limited to 100,000 THB per day.


Service Fees

• Annual fee: 200 THB (except for Krungsri ATM or Krungsri VISA Debit cardholders)
• Intra- area transfer: Fee of charge
• Inter- area transfer: 10 THB for every 10,000 THB transfer
(Minimum charge is 10 THB and Maximum charge is 1,000 THB)
• Fee for a new Pin : 50 THB (except for Krungsri ATM or Krungsri VISA Debit cardholders)

For more information, please contact

Bank of Ayudhya PLC (all branches) 
KRUNGSRI Call Center 1572 (Overseas call 66-2296-2000 # 1)



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