Krungsri e-Payment

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Grow Your e-Commerce Business Securely and Conveniently with Krungsri E-Payment Services

Krungsri e-Payment is an electronic payment system specially developed to support the proliferation of
e-commerce that in many cases cannot be effectively fulfilled by the traditional payment systems. This web-based
payment system allows your customers to choose and pay for goods and services with more convenience and
security anytime anywhere they’d like. Our internationally-recognized standards of security protocols provide an extra layer of comfort and peace of mind for both vendors and buyers to make online transactions.

As an e-commerce merchant, you can fully enjoy the following benefits by applying for Krungsri e-Payment


Key Benefits

• 24-hour online payment services with real-time credit authorization and instant online confirmation.
• Buyers can make an online payment by choosing one of the following methods:
         o Direct Debit Payment: Buyers choosing this method are requested to open a Krungsri account and sign up 
            for KRUNGSRI Online Services.
         o Credit Card Payment: VISA, MasterCard issued by every financial institution are accepted.

• Krungsri e-Payment system supports 13 currencies, including THB, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, HKD, SGD, 
  DKK, NOK, SEK and CNY.
• Confirmation advice is sent via e-mail to the merchant and the buyer to confirm transaction status.
• Krungsri e-Payment system is user-friendly and is designed with compatible interface to support various
  programs of merchants’ websites. No extra programs are required.
• The system supports a diverse range of payment cards registered under Verified by VISA (VbV), MasterCard
   SecureCode (MCSC) and J/Secure.
• The system possesses capabilities to modify the payment details page to correspond with the type of business 
  and the merchant’s website.
• Merchants get paid faster. Payments will be remitted the following day when the merchant submits a daily sales
  report to us. • Krungsri e-Payments system is also equipped with a suite of back-office administrative features 
  to facilitate e-commerce businesses, such as:
       o Order search 
       o Settlement and void of purchase transactions. Settlements can be made in partial or full amounts
       o Generation of comprehensive transaction reports
       o E-mail contact feature
       o Password change
       o News and message updates 


Make Online Transactions with Maximum Safety and Security

Krungsri e-Payment Services are equipped with internationally-recognized security standards, allowing you and
your customers to make online transactions with full confidence and reliability.

    • Corporate double fire-wall protection
    • Industry leading 128-bit SSL encryption
    • End-to-end data encryption
    • Fraud protection feature to authenticate and assess inherent risk associated with each card being used. 
      This feature provides another level of security to vendors as they can review whether to accept card purchases
      in question.
    • Fraud blocking feature to allow vendors to accept or decline online purchases from countries with high card
      fraud risk. Merchants also have flexibility to designate the types of cards to be accepted for online purchases.
    • 3D Secure protection from Verified by VISA (VbV), MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC) and J/Secure to safeguard
      buyers’ card and account information to prevent card skimming and theft.

How Krungsri e-Payment System Works

• Customers visit a merchant’s website, shop and make an online purchase.
• Purchases can be made 24/7 through Krungsri e-Payment system. Buyers have a choice to make the payment
     o Direct Debit from a Krungsri account: Buyers choosing this method are requested to own or open
        a Krungsri account and sign up to use KRUNGSRI Online Services.
     o Credit Card payment: VISA and MasterCard issued by every financial institution are accepted.

• Merchants submit the online transaction together with the amount of purchase to Krungsri e-Payment system
  for  processing.
• The online transaction is verified and authorized real-time. Merchants and buyers will receive an instant online
  confirmation and via e-mail through Krungsri e-Payment system.
• Transaction status report will be displayed on screen for the buyer’s information and reference.
• When the transaction is confirmed and the merchant confirms delivery of the purchased goods or services,
   Krungsri Payment Manager provides a real-time online sales tracking, allowing the merchant to verify
   the purchase(s) from the transaction log which summarizes all settlements, and generate transaction reports
   as needed.
• The merchant will receive payments for the purchased goods or services on the following day when a daily sales
   report is submitted to us.

 How to apply for Krungsri e-Payment Services

1. Open a Krungsri account at any of our branches to be a receiving account.
2. Complete an application form for Krungsri e-Payment Services which is available for download at
3. Submit the completed application form together with required supporting documents to the account issuing branch
4. When your application is approved, you will be asked to sign an agreement to use Krungsri e-Payment Services
    with the Bank
5. We will contact you for a test of Krungsri e-Payment system, when you can test and try using the system and
    Krungsri Payment Manager’s features to view mock-up transactions and generate reports.
6. The merchant notifies us when it is ready to start using the system.
7. After a successful test, the Bank will present a Merchant ID and an Operation Kit which contains a User ID and
    Password to access Krungsri Payment Manager suite
8. Krungsri e-Payment is activated and LIVE for use.

*The whole process generally takes up to 2-3 weeks from the date vendors submit their applications and supporting documents until the system goes live. This depends on how soon applicants prepare their application documents and their website’s technicality.


Terms and Conditions

1. Merchants that wish to sign up for Krungsri e-Payment Services are required to own or open a Krungsri
    savings or current account.
2. The merchants must be juristic persons with business registration of no less than one year, and possess 
    value-added registration. (In the event that the juristic person is registered for less than one year, they must have
    at least THB2 million worth of paid-up capital).
3. They must operate a legal business selling legitimate, legal and ethical products or services
4. The following businesses are prohibited from using Krungsri e-Payment Services:
     • Pharmacies
     • Vice and immoral merchandises involving pornographic media
     • Time sharing business
     • Weapon and artillery trading
     • Tobacco and all types of narcotics
     • Matching services
     • Cyber mall business
     • Gambling
     • Etc.

5. Their businesses must be located and operated in Thailand with credible reputation.
6. The shareholders must have good financial track records
7. In the event of customer default, the merchants agree to have the Bank deduct funds equivalent to the amounts
    of purchases from their accounts. The deduction will be made with prior notice from the Bank.
9. Financial collaterals are required as guarantee, which will be returned to the merchant at least 6 months after
    the agreement with the Bank is terminated.

Required Documents to Support Applications for KRUNGSRI e-Payment Services

1. A copy of ID of the authorized person (aged 20 years and above). For foreigners or non-residents, a copy of
    passport and work permit are required.
2. A copy of house registration of the authorized person.
3. A copy of the business registration certificate stating the business objectives (issued no more than 30 days).
4. A copy of the company’s seal (Or Bor Jor 3)
5. A copy of shareholders list and their shareholding (Or Bor Jor 5). Directors holding more than 20% shares must
    present their copies of IDs.
6. A copy of the company’s memorandum of association
7. A copy of the company’s value-added ID (Phor Phor 20)
8. A financial statement showing the last six-month performance
9. A copy of the e-commerce registration certificate (if any)
10. A map and a picture showing where the business establishment is located.
11. An evidence showing ownership of or a lease contract of the space where the business is operated.
12. A physical print-out of the company’s web homepage.
13. THB30 duty stamp
14. Applicants operating travel agency business are required to possess travel business licenses issued by
      the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).
15. Applicants operating patented or copyright products or services are required to produce evidences showing
      patent or copyright ownership.


• All required documents must be certified, signed and affixed with the company’s seal.
• The Bank reserves the right to alter and change the required documents without prior notice.


Fees and Charges

1. An entrance fee of THB4,000 per merchant ID
2. An annual fee of THB2,000 per merchant ID (the annual fee will be waived if sales transactions exceed 20 items
    per year.)
3. Transaction charges:
     • 3 -5 % of the purchase amount if paid by VISA and MasterCard 
     • THB20-100 per transaction if paid by direct debit. (merchants or buyers are responsible for this fee.)

4. A minimum balance of THB200,000 as guarantee left in the receiving account opened with the Bank.
    The Bank reserves the right to determine the amount of guarantee, which will be varied based on the type of
    business, the products and services sold and the number of years in business.



For more information about KRUNGSRI e-Payment Services, please contact
1. Sales Team: Tel: 02-296-4015
2. E-mail:




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